Philosophy is the search for knowledge and understanding of the nature and meaning of the universe and of human life. To philosophise means thinking deeply, reasonably and methodically. It is also talking about serious matters and trying to get thorough knowledge of the topics mentioned above.

The European Waterless Printing Association (EWPA e.V.) was established in 1996 by far sighted specialists. They made it their task to avoid using damping solution by supporting research and development in the field of waterless offset printing. Using less (or even no) damping solution means saving the environment (air + water). There are two other associations following those aims for many years now:

WPA (Waterless Printing Association USA) and JWPA (Japanese Waterless Printing Association). The EWPA intends to inform specialists and academics as well as suppliers from all fields of waterless offset. Further activities of the EWPA are advice and training of technical experts, exchange of experience and further developments.

Referring to the definition of the verb "to philosophise", the EWPA wants to talk with practical persons and suppliers of the printing industry in a reasonable, methodical and thoughtful way. The association tries to get solid and thorough knowledge to find out what is the Best Available Technique (BAT) for sheet-fed and rotary offset. This is not done for special skilled printers only but to inform the average offset printing plant. Lots of basic work - regarding the methods pf printing without damping solution on the one side and the economical aspects of this technique on the other side - is already done. This technique still could be accentuated a lot more.


Drupa 2004 can be regarded as a highlight in the history of waterless printing: the first World Waterless Conference of the JWPA, the WPA and the EWPA took place. It represented the international co-operation and discussion on waterless printing and was a possibility for a valuable exchange of experience.

The Drupa was also a good opportunity for Koenig & Bauer AG (KBA) to present their latest generation of sheet-fed offset press especially for waterless offset together with a new technique of inking up the forme. This development could not have been realised without the research and help of suppliers of ink, blankets, periphery and plates (Toray).

Economical aspects

The written report of the Danish package printing company DANAPAK on the

economical advantages of waterless offset can be regarded as a good source for "real-life" experience. It is backed up with items of saving set up time, reduction of waste and avoiding unproductive machine times.

At present, there is also a project running at DZE in Essen (sole holder: Jörg Klapp). This project intends to show further economical aspects. Several suppliers are partners/sponsors of this project. Many thanks to DZS for the extraordinary support and help during this project.

The EWPA would be glad if more experts join the association as a member in order to help finding new solutions in waterless offset. Annual meetings, projects and symposia are a good chance to do this. The ecological and economical offset is the best available technique (BAT) and the printing method of the future. Lots of offset printing companies already use waterless offset successfully, but there still are many to follow.

Being a member of the EWPA enables you to get a preview of the future.

Some of the various advantages of being a member are:

You are part of a network of specialists and experts who help each other. You can support in developing and mastering innovative technologies.
If you have any problems or queries, you are able to benefit from the Know How of the members. Members receive information that non-members do not get. You can also take part at forum discussions in the member area on this homepage.

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