Detlef Braun

President / Chairman

Dr. Axel Schwermer

Vicepresident / 2nd Chairman



Detlef Braun (right)

Dr. Axel Schwermer (left)



Detlef Braun

President / 1st Chairman

In 1968 Detlef Braun started in printing branch by absolving an apprenticeship as a letterpress and offset printer in Hamburg. Thereafter he worked for three leading printing companies in Hamburg.

In 1983 Detlef Braun joined marks-3-zet, supplier and world-leading manufacturer of underlay sheets.

In the position of a technical manager he was responsible for the introduction of waterless offset printing with the Toray Waterless Plate.

From 1995-2001 he was joint-proprietor of a printing company in Düsseldorf. It was the first company worldwide producing in digital WL-U.V. - offset with a 5-colour GTO-DI plus coating unit.

This machine also has a special delivery extension invented by himself and built by ELTOSCH and with the first waterless CtP plates on the market.

He printed plastic cards, labels, mouse pads, overhead foils, dummies and also on paper and carton with this machine.

Since July 2001 Detlef Braun is sole-owner of the company “Druck & Beratung”  (“Print & Consultancy”).

He instructs well-known printing machine producers worldwide – especially in waterless U.V. offset printing.